Tuner series

What is the Tuner Series about?

The Tuner Series is aimed at people wanting to learn the correct process of setting up an ECU and power tuning using a dyno. The 4 class series covers everything from setup and first time starting of an after market ECU through to optimised power tuning techniques. Once you have completed this course, you will be able to get an engine set up and running on a new ECU or a totally customised tune file of your own. You will learn best practices and techniques for general tuning and for optimised power tuning. You will also be eligible to book your own tuning time using our dyno and tuning equipment. You don’t however, need to plan on tuning yourself to get value from this course. Having a real world understanding and insight into power tuning will help you regardless of your tuning future and is something very few people understand properly.

The classes should be done in sequence if possible (Certainly classes 3 and 4 MUST be last). This course doesn’t go into Auxiliary functions or motorsport features (See Motorsport) and to attend this series requires our Must See / Tuning101 class to be completed first.


Class 1T – Setup

Class 1 will go through all aspects of setup, configuration and first time start up of a new ECU or a new tune file. This is the important but often overlooked component of tuning. Understanding core setup and configuring is critically important to being able to diagnose problems, evaluate a tune and make safe and sensible changes. Anyone can hit keys on a laptop and change the tune of an engine, however it is most important that you actually understand what your changes are affecting. This first class will give you a deeper understanding of how a tune is structured. You will also spend time on important screen setup and tips on best utilising your Tuning software. There will be hands on testing and setup as well as dyno testing and demonstrations. Your car can be used at this class if you book here.

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  • Software setup Tips and Techniques

  • Configuring a new tune for startup

  • Syncing Timing and Triggers

  • Setting tables and scales

  • First time startup, Quick tuning

Class 2T – Syncing & Testing

This class gets you on the same wavelength as your ECU by calibrating and checking that everything works correctly. This testing process is more important than the tuning itself! Interesting fact: If you make changes in a tune it doesn’t guarantee that the engine will see those changes. Your systems need to be tested, calibrated and proven to be working accurately before you can risk tuning an engine, otherwise you could unknowingly be instructing your engine to damage itself! Sounds a bit dramatic, but it is surprisingly common. Around 1/3 of cars that we are asked to tune for customers are not delivering the tune messages we are sending to the engine! That’s a lot of cars out there that are very confused. You will be testing and setting up Knock, Spark, Fuel, Cam and Boost systems which is very important to learn before you start power tuning. There is a good amount of demonstration and use of the dyno cell and tuning equipment here. A great opportunity to use your own car in class and have the tune evaluated and checked. Book Here.

  • Inside setup info and tips to find power

  • Testing and Syncing systems

  • Blueprinting a Tune

  • Techniques for startup tuning

  • Evaluate your cars tune in class!

Class 3 – Cruise Tuning

General light load and cruise tuning. Monitoring and data logging for tuning. Building power. Knock system optimising and tuning. Tuning screen and warnings setup plus much more of the juicy dyno tuning at this class. More details to come soon. Stay Tuned!

  • How to use the dyno to tune

  • Techniques for real time tuning

  • How to tune from datalogs and trims

  • Setting up warnings and Safeties

  • Preparation for Power Tuning

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Class 4 – Power Tuning

This is the big moment. You are now power tuning a car – your own if you book early enough! This class cannot be attended without all previous Tuner Series classes being done. More details on this class to come soon. Stay Tuned!

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  • Real world Power Tuning and optimising

  • How to use a dyno to Maximise torque

  • Auxiliary tuning equipment and tools


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