Welcome to Motorsport Functions! These 4 classes cover all the fun interactive auxiliary and motorsport functions. You will learn how to setup and monitor these functions safely without interfering with your important power tune. You don’t need to be a tuner to do these classes, infact this course is designed for the people who may NOT necessarily want to do the Tuner Series but who still want to utilise the many interactive features and functions of an after market ECU or tuning system. Remember, tuning is not all about the dyno and max power. Many auxiliary functions can be carefully set up and adjusted without affecting your power tune.

The Motorsport classes will cover arguably the most fun and exciting aspects of ECU tuning by exploring the many things that can be controlled by an ECU. Functions are broken down individually starting with concept, wiring, setup, testing and then fine tuning of each function on the dyno.

Remember, these are hands on classes where you are learning by doing rather than just reading or watching a video. So, whether you are into Street cars, Drifting, Drag, Roll Racing, Circuit or any form of performance cars, these classes will have something for you. Do one or two classes in this series or take advantage of the “Course” discount and do all four classes for maximum value.


Class 1M – Mode switches

Class 1 tackles general mode switches and functions. We will step through some of the more popular switched functions like hi/low boost, rotational idle, launch control and antilag. You will learn function set up, testing and how to stack them onto switches or dials for street or race use.

This class is very important because it covers general setup and how to avoid critical tune tables and corrections when adjusting auxiliary functions. Nominate your own car to fit and demonstrate switches and functions at the class!  *Must be booked in advance CLICK HERE

  • Saving and Loading tunes and login support

  • What to avoid when setting motorsport features

  • Wiring up basic mode switches

  • Setting up and testing functions switches

  • Antilag, Rotational Idle, Launch Control

  • Book your car for class demo and use your discounts for bargain parts

Class 2M – NOS & Sprays

Class 2 is dedicated to the setup and testing of Nitrous and other spray systems like Water Meth Injection or intercooler sprays. This class will predominantly look into all aspects of NOS from the theory and chemical qualities right through the complete setup process of a wet and dry NOS system. We will be demonstrating real systems on the dyno and you are welcome to nominate your own car to be modified and tested on the night. *Booking required – Click for details.

Although we are only studying 2 basic functions during this 4 hour class, it should be considered a bit more of a masterclass. We will be going into some depth because NOS can substantially impact on your tune and as such requires care and thorough explanation. Please use your Free Voucher to purchase NOS equipment (or other parts) before or on the night.

  • What is NOS and when to use it?

  • Installing NOS system hardware

  • Wiring up NOS switches and lights

  • Wiring up relays, solenoids and Valves

  • Setting software and testing shot sizes

  • Book your car for class demo and use your discounts for bargain NOS parts


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