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Landing Page

Tunerversity - Hands on Performance and Tuning  classes

Are you a curious about Dyno Tuning and Electronic Engine Management? Keen on some Fast and Furious style laptop control of your engine? Want a switch in your car that instantly creates a wild race mode – adding 100 HP, flames and a lumpy race car idle?
Did you know that your car can be re-mapped or fitted with an after market ECU that allows you to do all these things and more!

If this all sparks your interest, you will be happy to know you can now step straight into the heart of a performance tuning workshop and learn all you want to know about ECU tuning, dyno testing and auxiliary and motorsport functions. With a few classes under your belt you will be tuning and setting up switches and functions to help you achieve your performance goals – what ever they may be.

Upcoming classes! – Dates released every month!


Dyno Day

November 24, 2018From $85.00
Tunerversity Dyno Days are open to all car enthusiasts. Come...

Tuning101 – Introduction to tuning and ecu’s (After Dyno day)

November 24, 2018$165.00
3 Hour Class! Tuning 101 is the introductory class which...

Tuner Series

November 25, 2018$395.00
6 Hour Tuner Class! This is the place to come...

Season Pass

From $550.00
Want to join in whenever you like? Season pass is...

What you get out of a Tunerversity class:

  • Access to all the tuning secrets
  • Dyno Testing and Demonstrations
  • Dyno Dynamics 4WD in ground roller dyno
  • Safe, sound proof and ventilated test cell
  • Fun hands on learning environment
  • Fully catered food and drinks


Where the fun starts

START HERE!  with a blast of awesome information and demonstrations. We have cram packed everything we can into 3 intensive hours that will have your head spinning. Tuning101 is your compulsory start up class which is required before more classes can be taken. It provides a thorough insight into all things Performance, ECU and Tune related. No experience is necessary to get great value at this class and it works well as a 1 off for those who are just plain curious.

$165ea Book below

 Mini Class

See what we’re doing this month!

Want to turn your wipers into a nos switch!? How about set up rotational idle? Why not learn all the fun stuff in a hands-on friendly class session. We do something different every month! Once you have completed Tuning101 You can jump straight into the fun stuff. Use your car or one of our project builds.

$195ea Book below
Season pass available! Don’t know what to do? Do it all! and learn at your own pace


Dive into the more intense stuff!

The pinnacle of tuning! The Tuner Series teaches the entire process of ECU setup and professional optimised tuning using a dyno. We systematically step through all the core principals of tuning with the confidence of hands on training and support. Put it all in to practice by booking dyno time – with our assistance or on your own! You must complete startup class Tuning101 before this series is taken.

$395ea Book below
Season pass available!  Don’t know what to do? Do it all! and learn at your own pace


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